(Alert) robotics and programming

An activity to talk about artificial intelligence in high school

Teaching emerging technologies and how they relate to current events can be a challenge for teachers. The AI, follow your algorithm workshop is an asynchronous activity that allows high school students to discover artificial intelligence and the functioning of artificial neural networks.

Five tips to keep in mind to teach programming effectively

Although programming is gaining in popularity, its teaching remains little known and can prove to be a real challenge for teachers. Our collaborator Hugo G. Lapierre presents 5 tips to encourage students to learn coding.

Demystifying computer code with eSTIMe (Rediffusion)

Are you a primary school principal and want your students to learn to use computer code to program? To support the school team, the fearful teachers, to mobilize your team and to make the links between the programming and the contents of the PFEQ, the eSTIMe foundation is there to support you. We will be happy to demystify coding in elementary schools and to present our services to you.

Create your school with Minecraft

Students from the Laval School Service Center recreated their school with Minecraft, as part of a competition set up by the pedagogical team. The project allowed students to discover a new digital tool, in addition to increasing their sense of belonging to their school.

Robots that help change practices

The Montreal School of First Letters makes digital literacy and programming central elements of its educational project. From kindergarten to grade 6.

Teaching robotics to preschool 4 years old, it's possible

In this article, Fany Lauzon, a third-year undergraduate student in preschool and elementary education, shares the experience of her 4-year-old preschool internship class with the exploration of robotics. It discusses its successes as well as its future goals in this regard.

Digital ecodesign: taking into account the impact of virtual on the environment

Is it possible that educational technologies and content are designed with respect for human diversity while minimizing their ecological footprint? Our collaborator Marc Tremblay is interested in the question and discusses it with Kristen Girard, Web developer certified in Green-IT and specialized in "ecodesign".

The MEES publishes a guide for teachers to demystify the educational use of computer programming

In July 2020, the Ministry of Education and Higher Education (MEES) published an explanatory guide for preschool, primary and secondary teachers, entitled “The pedagogical use of computer programming”. Have you seen it?

A variety of worlds to learn about programming while having fun

Since March 17, every weekday, a group of children and teenagers, “Les codeurs testeurs”, share their programming favorites.

A CréaCamp is good, but four is better!

The CréaCamp formula allows me to seek continuing training in a specific way and to take a step back and then come back to the classroom energized, inspired and even more competent.