(Alert) robotics and programming

Creative laboratories in Quebec schools: inventory and questions

Although the deployment of creative laboratories was started in Quebec schools before the pandemic and several advantages have been identified for the development of skills among students, the authors of a recent report raise some questions about the future of the deployment of these workshops. Manufacturing.

Develop your digital skills within a CSS de Montréal virtual programming club

The meetings of the Programming Club of the Center de services scolaire de Montréal, which we have already told you about, will begin shortly. The three ICT educational advisers at the origin of the project present the state of progress.

Fablab Onaki opens up a world of possibilities for indigenous youth

Thanks to the FabLab Onaki, set up by the First Peoples Innovation Center (CIPP) in 2018, young Indigenous people who have dropped out of the school system can learn about technologies and discover new horizons. At the same time, they gain confidence in themselves and in their learning potential.

Students create an augmented reality escape game

About thirty students from the Pionniers high school in Trois-Rivières had the opportunity to create an escape game in augmented reality as part of an extracurricular activity experienced last fall. 

Introduce your class to inclusive app design with Apple tools (Rediffusion)

On the occasion of Computer Science Education Week, which takes place globally from December 6 to 10, 2021, École branchée presents an activity on designing inclusive apps from resources Apple for teachers of classes with students aged 8 to 14 years old.This initiation aims to empower you to spark brilliant ideas in your students while mobilizing their creativity through a new way of solving problems and to prepare them for the future: the design of inclusive applications.

Learning with video games: When the student overtakes the teacher

In this text, Louis-Philippe Duchesne, 5th year teacher at the École de l'Envol (CSS des Navigateurs), shares how, with his colleague Guillaume Prairie, he set out to discover Minecraft with students during the last school year. What started out as a simple extracurricular lunchtime activity took on unimaginable proportions as students became mentors to teachers.

Start programming with ScratchJr or Scratch in class

Sonya Fiset and Luc Lagarde, of the Service national du RÉCIT, field of mathematics, science and technology (RÉCIT MST), offer teachers and their students resources to simply learn about programming using fun platforms like ScratchJr and Scratch.

A virtual programming club is born at the Montreal CSS

Following the success of the Code MTL training program, three ICT pedagogical advisers from the CSS de Montréal are creating a virtual programming club, whose activities will begin in winter 2022. They present the project in this article.

An activity to talk about artificial intelligence in high school

Teaching emerging technologies and how they relate to current events can be a challenge for teachers. The AI, follow your algorithm workshop is an asynchronous activity that allows high school students to discover artificial intelligence and the functioning of artificial neural networks.

Five tips to keep in mind to teach programming effectively

Although programming is gaining in popularity, its teaching remains little known and can prove to be a real challenge for teachers. Our collaborator Hugo G. Lapierre presents 5 tips to encourage students to learn coding.