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Les #Édubrèves - week of May 30, 2021

In this delivery of #Édubrèves: resources to help teachers and students end the school year on a high note, a podcast on concentration and a wanted poster for the facilitation of scientific activities.

A first aperitif in education on the theme of school perseverance and educational success

Following the two days of discussion of the Rendez-vous for educational success: education beyond the pandemic, the École branchée organized an aperitif in education. Return in texts and images.

Feedback on the Rendezvous for Educational Success

Although the Rendezvous for Educational Success: Education Beyond the Pandemic organized by the Quebec Ministry of Education took place behind closed doors at the end of March, some participating groups made their brief public. We share a few things that emerge from these documents with you.

Academic motivation: why do we persevere?

Although the theme of school perseverance is well documented, the École branchée wanted to take a new look by taking into account the current situation and by dealing with the determinants associated with school in particular.

Review of the first year of Digital Succession in Quebec

At the dawn of the new school year, CyberCap and its major partner Mon Avenir TI highlighted the achievements of the first year of deployment of Relève numérique in Quebec City.

First year of the provincial deployment of Relève numérique: the results

Offered free of charge during the 2018-2019 school year to 11 high schools in Montreal and Quebec City, the Relève numérique professional exploration program reached a grand total of 2,900 students exclusively in the classroom.

Hooked on School Days 2019

The Journées de la persévérance scolaire are an opportunity for hundreds of local, regional and national actors to be part of the commitment movement that makes the educational success of all young Quebecers a collective responsibility.

5 reasons to use Alloprof tools

Many know Alloprof for its homework assistance service over the phone, but the organization offers several tools for primary and secondary teachers. Here is a brief overview.

Educational success policy: the different points of view

The École branchée shares the different points of view of several organizations concerning the Policy on Educational Success in Quebec, launched this morning.

The school library: a learning center at the service of success

Can the library as a learning center be a winning factor in educational success? School librarians believe it!