digital resources

My class, a new national platform for educational resources

On the occasion of Digital Education Day, the Quebec Ministry of Education officially launched My Class, the national platform for digital educational resources. This is being rolled out gradually within the school network.

It's the end for Carrefour education

The Carrefour education website will be inactive as of July 30. The Quebec Ministry of Education (MEQ) recently announced that its content will be transferred to the new open school platform. For Quebec schools, this is the end of an era.

The Mazaam Academy puts new technologies at the service of musical initiation for young children

Press release - Mazaam Interactive announces the establishment of the Mazaam Academy and a partnership with distributor Brault & Bouthillier which will make Academy material available across Canada.

Multimodal educational content: a must towards universal accessibility

In order to make the educational content accessible to the greatest number of pupils, whether they have learning difficulties or not, the concept of multimodality is essential. Jean Chouinard, advisor to the RÉCIT national service in special education, presents many examples.

Vittascience offers a new classroom management module

Vittascience, the online platform dedicated to programming in the educational environment, offers a new functionality to facilitate the allocation of educational content and the monitoring of learners.

Organize parent-teacher meetings with Calendly

Managing appointments for parents' meetings is a headache? Leave the reply coupons aside! Here is a solution that takes advantage of digital technology and which adapts particularly well to meetings that have become virtual, in addition to rallying a majority of technophiles: Calendly. We explain to you!

The essential update of the Education Act for a coherent place for digital technology

Did you know that article 7 of the Quebec Education Act allows parents to be billed only for documents in which the student writes, draws and cuts? In this open letter, the Edteq Association calls for the law to be "brought up to date" so that it can also include the purchase and subscription to applications and software.

Discover Universalis, reliable online resources

At the time of the start of the school year and the development of distance education, the selection of the best online content is more than ever a priority. Students have access to a wealth of information, but is it verified and adapted to their needs? Appropriate resources for all French-speaking clients [Report commissioned by Encyclopædia Universalis]

Classo now offers its solutions to all schools in Quebec

The Classo platform aims to facilitate the search for digital resources as well as the sharing of good practices and innovative educational suggestions. Solutions now available to all schools.