Back to School

First day of school "postponed indefinitely" for 140 million students worldwide, UNICEF says

News Release - UNICEF urges governments to reopen schools to face-to-face education as soon as possible, and provide students with a comprehensive solution to get them back to school.

5 essential resources for successful planning

We're getting ready for the start of the school year, have you started your planning? Here are 5 must-see resources to inspire you!

Take the example of children to have a memorable year

Testimonial from a CSS de Montréal teacher on the current start of the school year: “I'm back to school and I see happiness in the eyes of the students. The school is reborn from its ashes, they are happy to find it. »And you, what is beautiful in your environment?

Kids Help Phone offers resources to overcome back-to-school stress

Data from Kids Help Phone shows that one in three young people who use text messages feel distressed about going back to school, the third most common problem after loneliness and mental health. The team has therefore developed a special program, Back to school, which offers many resources, tips and ideas.

Being a school administrator in the time of COVID-19

[Open letter] Organizing a safe, reassuring and stimulating return to school for all students: the challenge is considerable this year. School officials have been doing this since the first days of the pandemic. And this marathon is far from over.

Back to school: only a third of students will be on school benches, UNESCO warns

900 million students from pre-primary to secondary (out of the total of 1.5 billion students in the world) should normally have returned to school between August and October. UNESCO figures show that at this point only half is expected to return. [Communicated]

[Back to school and COVID-19] The Quebec government presents three new measures for a successful return to school

“After updating its game plan for the start of the school year, the government of Quebec today presented three new initiatives, which will allow all students to benefit from more direct services and to make up for the delays that could have developed during of the school closure period last spring. »The Ministry's press release and the reactions of the partners.

Start of the 2020 school year in Quebec: the network will have to be ready to teach at a distance quickly if necessary

The Minister of Education, Jean-François Roberge, specifies his plan for the start of the school year, in the context of a pandemic.

The unmissable challenges of the start of the 2020 school year

When schools closed temporarily in mid-March 2020, the exceptional health situation forced us to make unilateral decisions. Almost six months later, although the situation has not resolved, there are some inescapable issues regarding the coming back to school. Here are some of the considerations expressed by our collaborator Marc-André Girard.