teacher-student relationship

What are the 7 things that make students prefer classroom courses over distance learning?

What if we sought to better understand what is "missing" in distance education in order to try to recreate it? A group of students from York University in Toronto identified seven things they miss most about face-to-face classes. We present them to you with some possible solutions.

5 things to consider to boost your work plan

The pursuit of online teaching and learning requires adaptations. How and what to adapt in his work plan to keep his teaching effective while keeping the motivation of the students?

Applied empathy, or the Pygmalion effect as a positive lever

Read for inspiration! Our collaborator recalls what the Pygmalion effect is and explains how she uses it as a positive lever in her relationship with her students and in her classroom management in general.

Easy or difficult? The possible consequences of the choice of words

Many teachers accompany their instructions with words that are intended to encourage the students. How many times have you wanted to encourage your students by telling them that the task was easy? Or difficult, but that they can do it? Probably often. But is it helping? Our collaborator asked herself the question.

What I hate about teaching

As we emphasize the importance of adapting our teaching practices, it is time to question our assessment system.