student-teacher relationship

Testimonial: The importance of the teacher-student relationship and how to get through the crisis

François Pichette, secondary school math, science & technology teacher, shares his thoughts on maintaining a bond with his students during distance learning periods.

What are the 7 things that make students prefer classroom courses over distance learning?

What if we sought to better understand what is "missing" in distance education in order to try to recreate it? A group of students from York University in Toronto identified seven things they miss most about face-to-face classes. We present them to you with some possible solutions.

5 things to consider to boost your work plan

The pursuit of online teaching and learning requires adaptations. How and what to adapt in his work plan to keep his teaching effective while keeping the motivation of the students?

The links that unite children, parents, grandparents and teachers in the context of a pandemic

Since 2009, the provincial government has recognized the importance of close collaboration between the school, parents and the community in order to promote optimal child development. Grandparents are more and more integrated into this scenario.

Kind words for you, from the parents (it feels good!)

A few weeks ago, our team conducted a survey with parents to find out their concerns about distance learning, with the aim of preparing a new special issue of the magazine, for families. Some respondents took the time to write a few words of encouragement. Here are a few!

“I would need someone to talk to me alone from time to time. "

If you were a distance student, what would you need to feel that your teacher was there for you? We asked teachers to join in and answer this question. Here's a look at their responses.

The "sandwich" method for the first meeting of parents

Parents' meetings take many forms depending on the school, level and subjects. This is particularly true this year, when many will be done virtually, by phone, or two meters away. Here is a teacher's advice to make these meetings as effective and friendly as possible.

A good teacher-student relationship to promote success in school

Who says new school year usually means new students for a teacher. And with that comes, as you have probably experienced, the challenge of building positive relationships with young people.

The student-teacher relationship is important for academic success

The relationship between a student and his teacher is a key factor in academic success, especially among the youngest. However, the quality of this varies according to the sex, the economic situation and the behavior of the children. This is what emerges from analyzes of data from the longitudinal study of the development of children in Quebec carried out by researchers from the University of Montreal and the Institut de la statistique du Québec.