Where does the word “pedagonumeric” come from?

When it was launched in 2018, the Digital Education Action Plan (PAN) put forward the word “digital pedagogy”. This term has since been widely adopted in schools. Recently, on Twitter, Benoit Petit promised to document the origins of this term in Quebec and its adoption within the RÉCIT. So here is where it all began ...

An approach to take stock of the year in order to better plan the next

At the end of this school year, the school teams are invited to take a break to take a look at the learning achieved in order to better project themselves into the future. The RÉCIT resource persons propose an approach to carry out this assessment.

Demystifying virtual reality in the classroom

The educational team of the Laval School Services Center presents the Extended Reality website, which contains a multitude of resources demonstrating that it is possible to carry out very simple virtual reality projects with students.

Learn History in a Different Way: Students Rebuild Pompeii Using Minecraft Education

As part of a pilot project, carried out in collaboration with the RÉCIT national service, in the field of the social universe, secondary 1 students from the Kamouraska-Rivière-du-Loup school service center rebuilt the city of Pompeii in Italy. For this, they used the serious game Minecraft Education.

A practical guide to switching to distance learning in 24 hours

You may have seen it circulating recently on social networks: a team from the CSS de la Baie-James has developed and shared its “Pense-bête” to simply and concretely guide a possible switch to distance education. To learn more about this reference tool, we spoke with Marc Nolet, resource person at the local RÉCIT of the CSSBJ.

After COVID-19… Reboot or Reinvent?

How can we take advantage of the experience of spring 2020 as a lever towards improving pedagogy in our schools? Consolidating and reflecting on what we have learned in order to draw lessons from it is already preparing for the next school year. The RÉCIT private education team offers you four main recommendations, drawn from its support during the COVID-19 crisis, which will allow you to improve your school's teaching practices.

The RÉCIT: diversified expertise at the service of teachers

During the 37th AQUOPS conference, we met Stéphane Lavoie who talks about the diverse expertise of the RÉCIT team of educational advisers and their contribution to the AQUOPS annual conference.

The Rendez-vous RÉCIT: creative applications with the touchscreen tablet

Lynda O'Connell and Isabelle Therrien presented the Workshop Creative applications with the touch pad (iPad). Aimed more at preschool and first cycle elementary school teachers, this workshop enabled the discovery of applications to promote creativity in students.

The Rendez-vous RÉCIT: digital cartography in geography

The webinar hosted by Steve Quirion of the National Social Story Service is the first in the RÉCIT Virtual Rendezvous series where the students themselves presented their project in the form of a workshop.

The Rendez-vous RÉCIT: the Code MTL project at the CSDM

Pascale-Dominique Chaurez, ICT educational advisor at the Commission scolaire de Montréal (CSDM), presented the Code MTL project, which has now been going on for two years with 6,480 students, 270 teachers and 95 primary schools of the CSDM.