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Generation connected: how to help them concentrate in class?

A psychology teacher has found that young people have an average attention span of 3-5 minutes during their home study period, and that less distraction from social media results in lower academic performance. How to teach concentration to this ultra-trendy generation? One track: teaching metacognition.

Reducing social inequalities at school through daycare services

According to a study that has just appeared in a special issue of the Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry on prevention in early childhood, children from disadvantaged backgrounds are more likely to arrive on school benches in n '' not ready to learn and have more difficulty in school afterwards, unless they have attended a childcare service in a facility or in a family environment.

Math: much more concrete with visual tools

World - Everyone who uses technological applications in mathematics agrees that they make completely abstract concepts more concrete, making it easier for students to understand. Nevertheless, it's always interesting to read scientific research reports that prove it!