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Study finds digital skills influenced by economic variables

In terms of digital skills, students from less well-off families lag behind those from more affluent backgrounds. This is what recent research by Donald Leu of the University of Connecticut concludes.

The SAMR model for administrators

The SAMR theoretical model is often associated with the teacher and the technological integration he does in his classroom. Could a school principal also use it to redefine his use of technology and thus be a leader for his team? Here is the example of a director who took the bull by the horns!

From textbooks to tablets - Canadians predict digital education will transform classrooms, PWC study finds

Some 1,900 Canadian teachers, students and parents shared their thoughts on the current state of the education system and their vision for the future. The study shows that Canadians see digital education as a positive force for change.

Preliminary results of a research on the collaborative use of TBI in presco and undergraduate studies

Advantages in the mastery of the language, in the development of autonomy and in the mastery of ICT among preschool and undergraduate students have been noted, so far, in a research by professors associated with CRIFPE on collaborative use of the TBI.

A great portrait of young Canadians and digital media

In 2013, the Habilomedias organization conducted a large survey of 5,436 Canadian students in grades 4 to 11 to measure the importance of networked technologies in their lives.

Using the iPad at school: "advantages that outweigh the disadvantages"

According to a survey on the use of the iPad in Quebec schools, the educational advantages of the tool, when used effectively, outweigh the disadvantages (especially related to easy distractions, the difficult connection of traditional and digital resources, as well as teacher training).

Allô prof wishes to know its influence on school perseverance

The online homework help service Allô prof invites students in the 5th year of primary to secondary 5 to answer a questionnaire aimed at evaluating the impact of the tools it offers as well as to better understand the needs of its young users.

Montreal hosts the first Francophone iPad summit in education

On May 1, an event will be held entirely dedicated to sharing research, practices, advantages and challenges of using the iPad in education. It is presented on the sidelines of the CRIFPE international conference on education.

Are future teachers in Quebec technocompetent?

Not enough, observes a group of UQÀM researchers. Indeed, the results of their analyzes show that out of the six components of professional competence 8 (integrating ICT), only one is generally mastered, four are partially mastered and one remains to be developed.

Decoding Learning: Evidence, Promises and Potential of Digital Education

Recent research conducted in Britain on behalf of Nesta identifies evidence that technology supports learning effectively. It also examines emerging technologies with a high educational impact as well as pedagogical practices advantageously exploiting the potential of digital education.