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Study shows that social media is involved in informal learning

By constituting places of informal learning, social media play an important role in the development of different skills. This is the conclusion reached by a recent study published in the last June issue of the journal Computers in Human Behavior.

Supervising the cell phone at school: positive impacts on student productivity

According to British researchers, limiting, regulating or even banning cell phones in schools would have positive impacts on student learning.

CEFRIO examines how digital can improve learning

The CEFRIO yesterday published the summary of a research project on digital technologies in Quebec schools.

The characteristics to look for and those to avoid in order to find truly educational ICTs

The term "educational" is associated with several applications as well as several technologies. Beyond marketing and the craze for novelty, how to judge their real educational potential? A study attempts to identify its characteristics.

Sharing tablets in the classroom: an economical and educational solution?

Beyond participating in reducing the costs of acquiring school materials, it would seem that sharing technological tools would be beneficial in terms of learning.

Stand up to improve learning?

Is there a link between the ergonomics of classroom desks and student engagement in school? Yes, according to a team of American researchers.

3rd iPad Education Summit: Still more advantages than challenges in integrating technology, according to study

Annual meeting of users and curious about the iPad in schools, the 3rd edition of the Summit of the iPad and the digital in education is held until Friday afternoon in Montreal.

Social media in the classroom: two studies show their importance in defining student identity

When we talk about the role of technology in the classroom, we must constantly remember that it is not the technology that is good or bad in itself, but the use we make of it. Recent work suggests that social media in the classroom can help young people assert themselves and define themselves. Explanations.

Note-taking in class: the advantage with paper and pencil!

Just a few years ago, note-taking in class was done exclusively with paper and pencil. Today, with the widespread use of laptops and tablets in schools, many are using these devices to do this. What are the advantages and disadvantages of these two modes of transcription?

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