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The direction effect: wanting to help amplify the teacher effect

Although no clear link between principal leadership and student achievement has been shown by research, contrary to the large teaching effect, school principals can still have an indirect effect. on the students. Marc-André Girard tells us about it in his column Le Coin du Directeur.

The use of screens: distinguishing between resistance and science

Many parents wonder about the time their children spend in front of their screens. On behalf of the Higher Education Council, Nadine Forget-Dubois consulted nearly 70 scientific books to clarify the issue. His review shows that the more studies focus on large cohorts, the lower the negative correlations that are usually expected. Welcome to the complex and fascinating digital world that is everyday life for children!

Writing on paper or on a tablet, what are the differences?

Researchers are interested in the differences between handwriting on paper and on a tablet screen, as well as the best time to introduce digital tools in learning to write. Find out where they stand in their work.

Immersive environments at the service of learners

The research project “Immersive environments at the service of learners” led by a team from UQAM, seeks to develop new ways of learning for children with special needs.

Digital at the service of our brain

Two years ago, Steve Masson presented a Webinar that offered study techniques based on the reproduction of assessment situations in a review context. In 2019, how can digital technology support and motivate our students in their revision? There are several great apps to help them out, here are a few.

Chess and digital game

Students with cognitive disorders often seek avoidance strategies in the face of learning. A project was tested in order to use their know-how while playing chess and their ability to move on a grid with the help of the digital medium.

Les Savanturiers, education through research

Marc-André Girard talks to Ange Ansour, head of the Les Savanturiers program at the CRI de Paris, with whom he talks about opening the silos between research and education.

21st century skills and innovation in education

Marc-André Girard talks about innovation in education and 21st century skills with François Taddéi, director of the Center for Interdisciplinary Research (CRI) in Paris.

New pedagogical approaches: an objective look

Yves Reuter, renowned didactician and professor at the University of Lille 3, presents his vision of new pedagogical approaches in a school context.

Panorama of distance education practices in French-speaking Canada

This study draws a portrait of distance education in the country in three levels of education, for initial and continuing education.