augmented reality

Students create an augmented reality escape game

About thirty students from the Pionniers high school in Trois-Rivières had the opportunity to create an escape game in augmented reality as part of an extracurricular activity experienced last fall. 

Demystifying virtual reality in the classroom

The educational team of the Laval School Services Center presents the Extended Reality website, which contains a multitude of resources demonstrating that it is possible to carry out very simple virtual reality projects with students.

Google Expeditions and Tour Creator: it's (soon) the end!

Google recently announced the upcoming end of its Expeditions and Tour Creator applications. Laurent, our collaborator, offers you alternatives for those who wish to continue using immersive technology to promote learning.

Notre-Dame-de-Paris cathedral: a heritage to rebuild

An emblematic monument of Paris and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Notre-Dame Cathedral was engulfed in flames on April 15, 2019. After a long struggle, the firefighters finally succeeded in extinguishing the fire, but not without damage, which had been spreading for about fifteen hours. The spire, bell and two-thirds of the roof collapsed in the heat, while the entire building structure was fortunately saved. Insights into a rich history that began in the 12th century.

Reinventing learning: portrait of an innovative teacher

Jean-Philippe Payer received the Ken Spencer Prize for innovation in teaching in Canada. A prestigious award that highlights the work and involvement of this teacher who dared to adopt a different perspective to promote learning among his students.

Tattoos: beyond fashion!

Tattoos no longer need presentation: one in five people in Canada wears at least one and more and more major events celebrate the diversity of this colorful form of expression. Look at a phenomenon which goes beyond fashion and which is very present in all spheres of our society.

The Ocean School: an innovative, interactive and immersive tool

The Ocean School, a new learning experience that transforms the way we learn about the ocean, interact with it and get involved in its preservation, will be launched on Thursday, October 4.

A smooth transition to augmented reality books

An enrichment project at Franco-Terrace Catholic School allows students to deepen reading strategies and give a new vocation to books in the library thanks to augmented reality.

Virtual and augmented reality: a world of possibilities for education

On the occasion of CréaCamp on November 17, 2017 in Montreal, Stéphanie Dionne, from École branchée, spoke with one of the facilitators of the event, Ms. Chantal Rivard. They discuss virtual and augmented reality in education.

The limits of augmented reality in education

Highly relevant, augmented reality technology serves the education community well, but is not yet perfect. Here are some limitations.