The Rendez-vous RÉCIT: creative applications with the touchscreen tablet

Lynda O'Connell and Isabelle Therrien presented the Workshop Creative applications with the touch pad (iPad). Aimed more at preschool and first cycle elementary school teachers, this workshop enabled the discovery of applications to promote creativity in students.

The Rendez-vous RÉCIT: digital cartography in geography

The webinar hosted by Steve Quirion of the National Social Story Service is the first in the RÉCIT Virtual Rendezvous series where the students themselves presented their project in the form of a workshop.

The Rendez-vous RÉCIT: the Code MTL project at the CSDM

Pascale-Dominique Chaurez, ICT educational advisor at the Commission scolaire de Montréal (CSDM), presented the Code MTL project, which has now been going on for two years with 6,480 students, 270 teachers and 95 primary schools of the CSDM.

The Rendez-vous du RÉCIT: creative labs

As part of a RÉCIT webinar on creative laboratories, various stakeholders in the education sector introduced their laboratory in addition to demonstrating the concrete application of technological tools. 

The Rendez-vous RÉCIT: citizens in the making in the digital age

During the Citizen in the Making webinar, the team from the RÉCIT national personal development service proposed a process of reflection around the paradigm shift to be experienced in education compared to digital technology.

The Rendez-vous RÉCIT: where are we with the robots?

“Where are we with our robots? ". This RÉCIT meeting was meant to be a time out to take stock of the first year of the Digital Action Plan in connection with the deployment of programming and robotics in Quebec schools.

The Rendez-vous RÉCIT of March 19

On March 19, the third virtual Rendez-vous du RÉCIT was held. 6 free workshops were offered online in order to introduce educational actors to various themes related to the NAP. The École branchée introduces you to the key elements of each workshop.

The RECIT Rendezvous: Digital Pedago Network

In this webinar, the advisers of RÉCIT in the field of languages presented the Réseau PédagoNumérique, a new platform that facilitates the continuing education of teachers through networking and the sharing of resources.

The Rendez-vous RÉCIT: digital combos and learning environments

How will digital combos change our classes? What changes in our way of thinking can promote the development of 21st century skills? These are the questions that the RÉCIT adult general education advisors asked during the webinar on January 15.

The Rendez-vous RÉCIT: identity in the digital age

During the Webinar Turnkey Website for Identity in the Digital Age, the RÉCIT team presented the Positive Identity in the Digital Age website, a tool that helps develop a sense of ethics and the critical judgment of students in a context of digital democratization.