ICT projects

Les #Édubrèves - week of May 23, 2021

In this delivery of #Édubrèves: a webinar on co-modal education presented by the Ministry of Education, young girls awarded for their techno projects, indoor gardens and the promotion of outdoor education. There are also a few more surprises!

Use the educational version of Minecraft to promote reading comprehension

To demonstrate their understanding of the story of a book they have read, students were asked to reconstruct the environment of the book (which takes place in the forest) using the educational version of Minecraft.

Science nestles at Collège Beaubois

Making science a concrete project is the challenge that a secondary school teacher has been taking up for a few weeks with her students. How? 'Or' What? By building the latest nesting boxes, equipped with cameras!

Read aloud with classes around the world

The Listen Read the World project brings together French-speaking students from all over the world around the same story so that they can discuss and share their appreciation while learning about technology. This year, more than 120 classes are already registered!

A graduation album, version 2.0

Yesterday grade 6 teacher Patrick Valois told us about his use of Edmodo and posting a student-written detective story online. Today, he describes his favorite project, a resolutely 2.0 graduating album!

Inspiring ICT projects experienced in grade 6 class

Recently, we asked volunteer teachers to tell us about their ICT successes this year. Patrick Valois agreed to tell us about the project of writing a detective novel and the virtual interaction of the students via the Edmodo platform.

Saint-Georges featured on Twitter thanks to high school students

The pupils of Marie Champagne, in 2e secondary school at Saint-Georges high school, in Beauce, were animated this year by the fever of Twitterature. Indeed, they paired it with the discovery of the history of their city for an exciting ICT project.

A single iPad for the whole class… ideas for projects in elementary school

Mélanie Ouellet, teacher in 1time year, juggled a long time to figure out how to operate a single tablet with a whole class. She is getting there now, even though she wants to integrate others very soon. She shares some of her great ideas with us.