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Culture and Quebec Citizenship will replace the former Ethics and Religious Culture program

Press release - The Ethics and Religious Culture program will be replaced by Culture and Quebec Citizenship. The new themes of the program will be based on three main axes: culture, Quebec citizenship as well as dialogue and critical thinking. The program will be implemented throughout the network at the start of the 2023 school year.

Measuring the integration of digital in study programs

A new diagnostic tool is made available to educational establishments in order to measure the integration of digital technology into study and training programs. It is designed so that it can be used for any vocational, college or university training program in Quebec.

Digital technology in Quebec schools: the equipment is there, uses still need to be developed

Although there are still disparities between schools, since 2014, we have observed "a significant increase" in the use of technology in elementary and secondary schools in Quebec. This is the main finding of the most recent survey carried out by the Academy of Digital Transformation.

Discussing Sexuality from Infancy to Adolescence: Resources, Tips and Pitfalls to Avoid

Our collaborator discussed sexuality education with Amélie Bleau, sexologist and general manager of Sexplica. Here are his tips and some pitfalls to avoid.

"It is no longer enough to teach digitally, we must educate digitally"

While progress has been made in integrating technologies into schools, there is still some way to go and, above all, challenges to overcome, reminds us of the Higher Education Council.

Revision of the Ethics and Religious Culture course - The place of digital citizenship and other themes

In a new opinion to the Minister of Education, the Superior Council of Education of Quebec deals with the review of the Ethics and Religious Culture (ECR) program, issues recommendations to ensure its success and makes certain caveats. concerning the process currently carried out.

Quebec high school ranking: are we on the wrong track?

Are we on the wrong track with a high school ranking? Marc-André Girard, school principal for 15 years, is of the opinion that it does because according to him, a school is not chosen only according to the results of the examinations of the ministry.

Media, images and ICT in French-speaking Switzerland: an overview of the MITIC field

The MITIC domain, for Media, Images and Information and Communication Technologies, is part of the Plan d'études romand (PER), in Switzerland, which includes cross-disciplinary ICT skills. We present it to you today.

The Lebanese school program entirely on iPad

Three schools in Beirut, Lebanon, have been working since the start of the 2014 school year with brand new digital material created especially for the iPad. Let's take a closer look.