(Alert) active pedagogy

(Series) Technological innovations and other interesting features... in different educational applications

It's back to school and you have a thousand and one things on your mind. To help you, we've taken a look at what's new from the major manufacturers of digital tools and platforms that you may be using at school. Here are some of the new features found in various applications used in the school environment.

Classroom project: : A podcast to raise awareness of environmental noise

Here is proof that a simple idea can go a long way. This past school year, Lysiane Dallaire explored sound with Secondary 2 students as part of an enriched English class. It all started with listening to the podcast The Digital Plan. We tell you the whole story!

Alexandra Coutlée's top 10 tech tools of 2021

In this article, our collaborator Alexandra Coutlée shares her top 10 tech tools for 2021. What great discoveries!

Your first trio for an active pedagogy, even at a distance (Rediffusion)

How do you easily and simply create active learning paths? What tools promote involvement, collaboration, interaction, contextualization, feedback? The use of the Edpuzzle, LearningApps and Flipgrid platforms to support the teaching-learning sequence allows students to develop their disciplinary and digital skills, while promoting autonomy in class or at a distance. Participants will therefore see how, from their virtual work environment (Teams, Classroom, etc.), they can integrate an active learning path, easily accessible by the student and responding to the different educational intentions of the before by the teacher throughout the school year.

Active pedagogy with SCOOP! to exploit current events (Rediffusion)

Learn how to maximize the potential of SCOOP educational guides! Facilitated by our educational advisor Maxime Laflamme, creator of the SCOOP! Guides, this workshop will allow you to explore all the educational possibilities in connection with the #1 tool to work on current events in class while developing the digital skills of students through stimulating activities.

What are the 7 things that make students prefer classroom courses over distance learning?

What if we sought to better understand what is "missing" in distance education in order to try to recreate it? A group of students from York University in Toronto identified seven things they miss most about face-to-face classes. We present them to you with some possible solutions.

The 5 keys to active pedagogy

To dare active pedagogy, even from a distance, Maxime Laflamme, pedagogical advisor at École branchée, invites you to discover the 5 keys which allow students to be supported in their pedagogical activation.

5 postures to favor for active teaching ... even from a distance

How to adopt a more active pedagogy which adapts well to distance thanks to digital tools? Here are 5 postures to favor and tools that can support you, in addition to training suggestions to better master them.

On the way to Distance Learning Week

Distance Learning Week (FAD) will take place this year from February 22-26. Numerous free online activities will allow participants to perfect their knowledge of FAD, hear testimonials from inspiring educational actors and discover innovative practices.

BDvasion: to get away from it all with reading

Do you and your students love comics and escape games? Jean-Baptiste Oddou, educational advisor at the Fleuve-et-des-Lacs School Services Center, imagined an immersive scenario, called BDvasion, where the learner is the protagonist in charge of delivering a message of the greatest importance to the president of the World.