school parliament

School-wide parliamentary democracy

The Parlements at the elementary and secondary levels present a method of operation of the student council that encourages their participation in decisions affecting the life of their school. Very popular in Quebec schools, this simulation has real citizenship education value.

It's back to school for primary and secondary parliaments

The 2013-2014 school year marks the 8th year of the existence of Parlements au secondaire. For its part, the project of education and participation in ...

Parlements in elementary and secondary schools: student involvement rewarded at a gala

On May 31, at the Parliament Building, we rewarded students involved in the Parlements at the elementary and secondary levels, a citizenship education project sponsored by the Jean-Charles-Bonenfant Foundation.

The network of student councils in Quebec arouses enthusiasm

Parlements at the elementary and secondary levels are a very popular activity in Quebec schools. This school-wide simulation has real citizenship education value and places young people directly at the heart of school life choices.

The students of the Gentilly school receive the Minister St-Pierre

Communiqué - Establishing a school parliament at school is good. Holding the activity in the presence of the Minister of Culture, Communications and the Status of Women, Christine St-Pierre, is even better! This is the remarkable experience of the students of Gentilly Elementary School (Dorval), an event made concrete thanks to a simple request addressed to the National Assembly.