(Course) Using video in class

Video: Project Management as a Learning Context(Replay)

ow to use video to support your students' learning through project management and with the help of free resources accessible to all. Always starting from a pedagogical intention, what original and creative option to propose to your students to show you that they have learned.

Create educational vignettes in Canva (Replay)

Always wanted to create your own educational videos, but found editing software too complex to use? Discover how intuitive, easy-to-use and accessible Canva is for creating short videos. Come and be inspired by the many ways you or your students can integrate educational video into the classroom!

Video creation with PowerPoint (Replay)

Discover how it is possible to make videos with PowerPoint by simply using the same features you already know, such as inserting images and diagrams, animating content, using video capture, etc. In this CréaCamp discovery, you will have the chance to learn how to use this incredible tool.

Start your flipped classroom (Replay)

This article is an introduction to the flipped classroom with a teacher who has been using this method for six years now. She talks about her experience, presents her flipped classroom model, a plan to get started, and a planning template.

The booktube : literary criticism 2.0 (Rediffusion)

See how to combine reading and video in a whole new way of doing literary criticism: the booktube. In fact, it is about producing a video that meets certain criteria, while developing the reading criticism of an article, a comic strip, a novel, etc. In this video replay of a workshop, you will see the main characteristics of a booktube as well as the different platforms that can help you make one with your students.

Produce engaging video clips: key elements to consider and some technical recommendations

Researchers analyzed more than 6.9 million video viewing sessions on the e-learning platform. They identified five concrete recommendations for teachers who use video with their students.

The new features of Prezi Video (Replay)

Find out how to embed a Prezi presentation right on your screen when sharing to your class or group of teachers. This hour will be an opportunity to revisit this well-known tool and see its full potential in order to make your virtual animations more interactive and visual.

Creation, capture and publication of educational video (Rediffusion)

Develop your thinking in order to develop effective and relevant educational video capsules. Several tools are at your disposal, how do you choose them? There is a lot of knowledge to be shared, how to target them properly? Once the capsule has been saved, how do I share it? Demystify it all with Sylvain Duclos, the man behind “one APP per day”.

How to capture what's happening on screen and make it into an educational video (Replay)

Finally, discover how to create your own explanatory video clips for your students by "recording" what is happening on your screen. We explore native Mac and Windows PC tools, plus a foray into Screencast-o-Matic and Flipgrid. We also discuss other sometimes very simple alternatives, in addition to discussing tips.

Create and have someone create videos and presentations: an overview of Clips, Adobe Spark and Explain Everything (Rediffusion)

This presentation will allow participants to discover 3 applications that allow the creation of videos (by the teacher as by the students), as well as to understand how to use them in class and how to explain them to the learners.