(Course) Create presentations in your image

Book Creator, the multipurpose interactive book(Rediffusion)

Whether you want to initiate a creative literature project with your students or add a little interactivity to your teaching practice, the Book Creator web application/platform allows you to create a multitude of projects to fuel the pleasure of reading for your students, even for those who do not know how to read yet... Let yourself be inspired!

Video creation with PowerPoint (Replay)

Discover how it is possible to make videos with PowerPoint by simply using the same features you already know, such as inserting images and diagrams, animating content, using video capture, etc. In this CréaCamp discovery, you will have the chance to learn how to use this incredible tool.

Introduction to Genially: taming the beast and its basic features (Rediffusion)

Explore the Genially Web platform, a tool that enables the creation of interactive presentations, escape games and more. Do you want to engage your students in active and fun learning? Genially allows you to push the limits of interactivity and share interesting and current presentations.

Canva: a broadcasting tool with unsuspected potential! (Rediffusion)

See how to use an eye-pleasing and effective presentation creation tool. Whether for your students or for you, Canva offers several models to adapt to your needs, from poster to presentation, including video, banner or even social media publication. Who does not dream of being able to personalize their teaching tools as much as possible?

The new features of Prezi Video (Replay)

Find out how to embed a Prezi presentation right on your screen when sharing to your class or group of teachers. This hour will be an opportunity to revisit this well-known tool and see its full potential in order to make your virtual animations more interactive and visual.

A virtual classroom in Bitmoji

Are you looking for a more fun way to communicate with students and their parents? Creating a Bitmoji virtual classroom can be an interesting option. We spoke with Brigitte Léonard to find out more!

My Bitmoji Virtual Classroom (Replay)

In elementary school, creating a virtual classroom is a fun and effective way to keep a close bond with students and their families, especially in a distance education context. Using Google Presentations (or Genially), your Bitmoji avatar and Canva, have fun creating a classroom environment just like you!

Pear Deck to add interactivity to your presentations (Rediffusion)

Pear Deck makes your presentation slides (Google Slides, PowerPoint or online) interactive so that students can participate more actively from their own device, in addition to providing a very useful dashboard for the teacher.

20 free Google Slides and PowerPoint themes for the classroom

Yes, we like our visual aids to be beautiful, but no, we don't have so much time to put into the design ... When a person does it for fun and shares their models on top of that, it's great!

Klaxoon: interactive presentations to promote learning

Klaxoon is a new tool that aims to make the student active during a presentation. Ambitious, since it is a daily challenge for teachers!