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Real-time statistics with Google tools (Rediffusion)

Learn how to stream data in real time with the Google suite. Would you like to be able to provide your students with statistics on minutes of reading completed, number of exercises completed or time of physical activity completed in order to create a clear summary? It's easy to easily collect data, analyze it and display it on a microsite in real time with Google Forms, Sheets and Sites!

Feedback and correction via Google Classroom: no more notebook collection! (Replay)

Discover a tool that allows you to review your way of evaluating. Using Google Classroom for planning and communicating with students is the basics. But this platform contains several features to provide quick feedback and correct discounts with computer, iPad and stylus.

The magic of the microsite (Replay)

Discover the full potential of a microsite. Making a resource self-supporting and multimodal, moving quickly from face-to-face to virtual, collaboratively feeding a common place: here are some unsuspected advantages of the microsite! During this workshop, you will witness live the creation of a microsite that lists everything there is to know to allow you to maximize its educational use and push the limits.

Meet, Slide and Jamboard: Google's first trio for distance education

Meet, Presentations and Jamboard are a trio of apps from the Google Education universe that are of great benefit to teachers around the world. Pierre-Olivier Cloutier, secondary school teacher, presents them and talks about their use.

Google Jamboard, a little wonder to teach at a distance and in presence (Rediffusion)

Jamboard is the Google family whiteboard. Here's how it can be used for distance education and collaboration.

Why Take Google's Level 1 Education Training?

The Google suite offers several platforms that are gaining popularity with education players. In fact, many of these web applications are intended to be used in a learning context.