(Path) Evaluation and feedback

The Basics of Remote Assessment (Rediffusion)

Even before choosing an ICT tool for remote assessment, there are several things to think about. But what exactly? What do we have to do? What should we associate our evaluations with? It is important to plan them well and to ensure that they will give us information on the progress of our students in order to be able to make better judgment when producing the report card.

Bloom's taxonomy and distance assessment

How can instructional intent help you assess students, both in class and at a distance? Here is a strategy to adopt which is based on Bloom's taxonomy.

From gardening to evaluation (part two)

Students do not meet all learning goals at the same time. This is why progressive differentiation and evaluation allow them to develop at a pace that respects their needs.

From gardening to evaluation

Following the picking of her vegetables last summer, Julie is thinking with you about possible solutions so that the school is more successful in supporting the taste for learning that naturally animates children.