(Path) Evaluation and feedback

Unlocking the full potential of your formative evaluations (Replay)

Discover how simple adjustments to your formative assessments can significantly advance your students. From learning targets to double marking, all while "withholding" the grade... here are some adjustments I invite you to make to your assessment practices.

Building a community of readers through the reading circle (Replay)

Discover the richness of using reading circles in the classroom to develop the four dimensions of reading: understanding, interpreting, reacting and appreciating. Learn how to use available technology tools to keep track of all your students' discussions. The periods where you spend your time running between each reading circle to observe them are over, time for change!

Edulastic, an online training and evaluation tool (Replay)

Discover a complete tool to replace a workbook and assess students. With a wide variety of questions, the flexibility of its platform for all subjects and unique options, Edulastic is the ideal tool for checking prior learning, learning, giving feedback and keeping track of student progress from a learning perspective. 'evaluate otherwise.

iDoceo as a traceability tool (Rediffusion)

In this second workshop, it is about the full potential of the Idocéo application, a powerful tool for linking your planning to concrete traces such as forms, custom grids and more! Basic knowledge of the application is required.

Evaluating in high school without exams (Replay)

Reviewing the ways of evaluating is at the heart of many questions in the teaching profession. With the help of this workshop, see how to assess without taking exams. This allows more flexibility and motivates students' creativity. In addition, this results in a considerable reduction in the correction.

Changing the Way We Assess: The Story of Scott's Home School (Replay)

Following the publication of one of the most widely read testimonials in our history, we invited the authors to share their story in person during this CréaCamp Discovery! Start thinking about what you want to change in the way you assess with the team from Scottish Reception School. Ideas, tips, testimonials ... in short, something concrete awaits you in this workshop which will give you the little help you need to change things.

Testimonial: Stepping out of the box to evaluate differently

Annie Guay, teacher and educational leader at L'Accueil de Scott school, shares with us the results of an approach that has led to the implementation of new assessment practices in her community.

Feedback and correction via Google Classroom: no more notebook collection! (Replay)

Discover a tool that allows you to review your way of evaluating. Using Google Classroom for planning and communicating with students is the basics. But this platform contains several features to provide quick feedback and correct discounts with computer, iPad and stylus.

Flipgrid as an efficient working tool (Replay)

Discover the power of Flipgrid as a feedback tool in all subjects. With video, audio, commentary transmission options and the ability to set reusable goals, Flipgrid is popular when it comes to feedback. Through this workshop, see all the potential available to make your feedback effective! (Basic knowledge of Flipgrid recommended)

Rethinking Assessment with the Seesaw Digital Portfolio (Rediffusion)

Discover the powerful lever that Seesaw offers in assessing student progress. In addition to keeping traces over time, it also allows you to have a broader and in-depth point of view on the skills developed. Come and reflect on the impact of Seesaw as an evaluation tool.