Higher Education Council urges new normal

The Superior Council of Education (CSE) recently published one of its most comprehensive and interesting reports. Without detour, the objective of the CSE with this publication is to avoid a return to "normality" and thus take advantage of the collective awareness to improve the education system for good. Here is our summary.

Here's how high school students in Quebec experienced a pandemic school year

Professor Sylvie Barma and her colleagues at Laval University surveyed teenagers in Quebec about the pandemic. They found the prevailing climate of uncertainty particularly difficult. “The physical place of learning fluctuated in ways that were unpredictable for them. They didn't like the changes in their routine and a majority said they were bored of school, which had a big impact on their academic motivation. Read for other findings!

Alloprof's confirmed pandemic impact: Study reveals that the organism is a valuable ally for students and parents

Press release - Alloprof has unveiled the results of a national study carried out in collaboration with the Center for Studies on Learning and Performance (CEAP) at UQAM. In addition to demonstrating the importance of Alloprof's resources in the educational success of students, the results highlight the extent of the educational support offered by parents during the pandemic.

When technology increases the human

Caroline Smith, educational advisor, shares her experience of support in times of pandemic and in the context of the creation of a new mentoring program at the Educational Services of the CSS de Montréal.

Class management strategies in the anti-COVID-19 response: an experience in Cameroon

Our collaborator testifies to his experience of teaching mathematics at the secondary level in Ngaoundéré, Cameroon, during the resumption of post-containment COVID-19 classes. It appears that distance education efforts during confinement were reinforced by the resumption of the same face-to-face courses. 

First day of school "postponed indefinitely" for 140 million students worldwide, UNICEF says

News Release - UNICEF urges governments to reopen schools to face-to-face education as soon as possible, and provide students with a comprehensive solution to get them back to school.

8 principles that guide the actions of school administrators in a crisis context

Researchers from the University of Quebec at Rimouski conducted a research project to better understand the role played by school principals in a crisis context. Their work helped identify eight management principles, in addition to highlighting the importance of leadership.

Design thinking - Better discernment, for better self-esteem

Our team had the pleasure of attending the second edition of creative workshops created by Collège Sainte-Anne in collaboration with Factry. Just like in the first edition, we met teachers committed to finding creative solutions to overcome the challenges of COVID-19 and distance education.

Impact of COVID-19 on educational success - Recovery plan for educational success: 110 M$

Today, at a press conference, the Minister of Education of Quebec, Mr. Jean-François Roberge, unveiled the Recovery Plan for Success: Education Beyond the Pandemic, representing investments totaling 110 M$. Here is the official press release from the MEQ, as well as some reactions from various organizations received at the École branchée by way of a press release.

Minister Roberge unveils his Recovery Plan for Educational Success 2021-2022

Following the Rendezvous for Educational Success held at the end of April, Quebec's Minister of Education, Jean-François Roberge, unveiled a Recovery Plan for Educational Success. Here is the report École branchée has prepared for you.