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International Sketchnote Day: An opportunity to challenge

On this International Sketchnote Day, our collaborator presents you with available training courses to get started.

Create active learning paths with the Teams Class Notebook

Have you heard of the Teams platform notebook? It allows you to create learning paths and make digital all the famous "duo-tangs" that make up the life of a class! Here are several examples of interesting uses, proposed by our educational advisor, Maxime Laflamme.

Pupils taking medication at school: an intelligent “pillbox” so they don't forget!

In the era of the smart phone and all these connected objects that make our daily lives easier, our collaborator Marc-André Girard shares one of his recent findings helping to manage students' medication intake when they are at school. school.

A virtual classroom in Bitmoji

Are you looking for a more fun way to communicate with students and their parents? Creating a Bitmoji virtual classroom can be an interesting option. We spoke with Brigitte Léonard to find out more!

The use of screens: distinguishing between resistance and science

Many parents wonder about the time their children spend in front of their screens. On behalf of the Higher Education Council, Nadine Forget-Dubois consulted nearly 70 scientific books to clarify the issue. His review shows that the more studies focus on large cohorts, the lower the negative correlations that are usually expected. Welcome to the complex and fascinating digital world that is everyday life for children!

Essential resources to better use Teams

Our team has selected a few online resources that may help or inspire you in using Teams. Video tutorials, PDFs, contacts and good ideas are on the menu!

Writing on paper or on a tablet, what are the differences?

Researchers are interested in the differences between handwriting on paper and on a tablet screen, as well as the best time to introduce digital tools in learning to write. Find out where they stand in their work.

Distance learning science: ideas and tips

The main challenge in teaching a practical subject such as science at a distance is figuring out how to allow students to experiment, test and explore through manipulations. Here are some ideas to make it easier.

Ready to teach at a distance: the "4Cs" to engage students

According to researchers, 4 keys promote student engagement in their learning: content, collaboration, competition and creation. More info and examples in our article today.

In person and remotely: Prepare to switch from one to the other without too much trouble

Hybrid education is a combination of in-person and distance education. Did you know that it is possible to prepare now for such a need? Here are 6 tracks!