Co-teaching: one is good, but two is better!

Have you ever considered co-teaching as a process bringing together a teacher and a remedial teacher? We offer you a text that presents the benefits of setting up such a duo in three schools, and some bonus tips if you decide to get started.

Dys disorders, 10 years after the introduction of technological aids

Ten years have passed since the introduction of technological aids and it is clear that the situation has changed a lot for students with learning disabilities, more specifically dys disorders. In this dossier, we present an inventory of resources, in addition to giving examples of winning practices for teachers, students and parents.

Teacher-remedial education collaboration: detecting delays at the start of the year

As we can imagine, the confinement of last spring had consequences on the progress of the learning of some students. Here is an idea of collaboration for screening and the establishment of recovery strategies, to put forward now!

Remote remediation

In this time of confinement, many remedial teachers are starting to intervene online. A new term is emerging: we speak of "tele-orthopedagogy". Here are some useful tips for resource teachers and teachers on the use of technology, the organization and planning of online sessions, and school-family communication.

Children with AD / HD: Professionals to Know to Help Them

Here are some characteristics and possible solutions to better understand certain behaviors of children with AD / HD and to find professionals to help them.

Workshops to prepare left-handed children for writing

This summer, just before the start of the school year, it will be possible for left-handed children aged 5 or 6 to follow a preparatory writing workshop with a teacher, in the Laval region.

Original methods to the rescue of French

Recently, a few products have been developed by language enthusiasts to allow young people and adults to perfect their reading and writing skills using a variety of methods. Here are two to discover: the LireMieux method and the Orthochansons.

The horse, a rehabilitation tool in orthopedagogy

Motivation: a key factor in the rehabilitation of a child struggling with a learning disability or difficulty. Here is a very original and effective way to stimulate it: zootherapy, more particularly with the horse.