orientation and entrepreneurship

The Collège des Compagnons is a member of the Quebec Network of Entrepreneurial and Environmental Schools

Press release - The Collège des Compagnons announces its membership in the Quebec Network of Entrepreneurial and Environmental Schools (RQÉEE) and launched the Secondary 5 course Media Universe, a unique course in Quebec, the implementation of which is the result of this partnership with the RQÉEE.

A guide to help students choose a career

Choosing your future career is no easy task, especially for young people. There is no shortage of information, but in fact it is so abundant that it is sometimes difficult to see clearly. Guidance counselor and sociologist Jacques Langlois recently published Le guide des professions, a relevant book to get an idea of different careers.

My Geek Job

(Press release) TECHNOCompétences is launching the Ma Job de Geek application, an original idea submitted by Kevin Massicotte, a Montreal Secondary IV student, during the Change the World Your Way contest launched last February.

The government wants to train small entrepreneurs

Creation of twenty entrepreneurial primary schools, establishment of an entrepreneurship-study program in 10 secondary schools, and development of an entrepreneurial project in seven other secondary schools, the government wants to give students the business kick.

Sciences Plus! launches its scientific portal!

The new Sciences Plus portal! was launched last night. This information site on scientific studies and careers aims in particular to facilitate the orientation of young people in secondary and college education and to support those who accompany them: parents, teachers and guidance counselors.

"Virtual space for parents" to fight against dropping out

(Press release) The Order of Guidance Counselors of Quebec (OCCOQ) recently launched “The Virtual Space for Parents”, a brand new site specially designed to clearly and concretely respond to concerns des parents, an initiative with which the Federation of Quebec Parents Committees (FCPQ) has joined.

A fair for young techno enthusiasts

Are they passionate about technology? Why not offer them to make a career out of it? During the month of October, around forty workshops will be presented in class to students from third to fifth secondary by information and communications technology (ICT) professionals from TECHNOCompétences.