Operation #MonOrdiAuLycée: French high school students receive laptops

As part of Operation #MonOrdiAuLycée, 50,000 French second year students (4th year of secondary school in Quebec) attending public and private regional high schools in the Pays de la Loire region received a brand new laptop computer during the fall.

Microlab ExAO: to visualize science

Professor Nonnon of the University of Montreal has designed a computerized microlaboratory that allows the results of an experiment to be quickly visualized, thus making science and mathematics more concrete for students.

New momentum for OPEQ

Each year, OPEQ collects thousands of electronic devices that have already had their first life in federal and provincial departments as well as large companies. Desktops, laptops, tablets, cellphones and printers are upgraded by a team of computer technicians. - Infomercial

1.5 million computers donated to Canadians through Computers for Schools

Minister Bains marks a milestone in the program that is helping the rising generation acquire digital skills for the jobs of tomorrow.

The Kano: a computer for young people, to build and program yourself

It is delivered in spare parts and young people (or not so young!) Must assemble and program it: here is the Kano computer!

Free or low-cost computers for your classroom: they exist!

Thinking about your IT equipment needs? Did you know that OPEQ is an organization that recycles old computers to offer them free, or at a lower cost, to schools, daycare centers, libraries and non-profit organizations. Why do without it?

ETAPe project: Franco-Ontarian students learn about ICT

ONTARIO - About thirty francophone students from northern Ontario are participating in the new ETAPe pilot project - Technopedagogical environment for personalized electronic learning - which aims to integrate new technologies into their school curriculum. The Conseil scolaire public du Grand Nord de l'Ontario (CSPGNO) and the Franco-Ontarian Center for Educational Resources (CFORP) are joining forces for this project.

An iClasse in Saint-Léonard

Montréal-Nord - Welcome to the iClasse, a grade 6 class for the 21st century, completely technological without a textbook or desk.

Students, teachers and future teachers do not agree on the integration of technologies

United States - The results of a recent survey in the United States reveal differences in the perceptions of students, teachers and future teachers about the integration of technology in schools.

Portable classes: from St-Léonard to Yaoundé

Montreal - Quebec is far from being the only region in the world where we are wondering about the integration of ICT in education. During the Odyssey of portable classes… from elementary to post-secondary, presented within the framework of the 78th ACFAS congress at the University of Montreal, several speakers came to present their projects.