Structure your lessons and ideas with the help of a mind map

It can be beneficial to use the mind map as a learning aid. This use accentuates comprehension while promoting memorization. Our collaborator gives advice on how to integrate it into your practice.

Applied Neuroscience in Education: Learning Better by Doing Better

Learn better by doing better ... and not more. This is what the 7 neuroeducational principles of Steve Masson propose. In this dossier, our collaborator Marie-Andrée Croteau presents each of the principles in order to guide teachers in their practice. It is not a question of adding steps to learning, but of adjusting them in order to optimize them to have an influence on the quality of student learning.

Neuroscience applied to learning sequences

Here is a summary of the 7 neuroeducational principles that are at the heart of a book written by Steve Masson, Activate your neurons to better learn and teach. Enough to help your students in their learning!

Invitation to the Éduco Group international congress

The international congress EXECUTIVE SKILLS AND SCHOOL LEARNING: INTERVENING will be held in Montreal from October 2 to 4, 2019 at the Hôtel Universel. This event aims to promote links between cognitive neurosciences on attention, executive functions and educational intervention.

Brain and pedagogy: Principles truly supported by science

In the second part of his presentation at the symposium "School perseverance - What neuroscience can teach us", organized by the Canadian Education Association (ACE) ", Dr. Steve Masson outlined neurological principles with real positive repercussions. in education.

Towards the end of myths about how the brain works in education

Take science into account in educational approaches, yes, but first make sure that this science is genuine! Dr. Steve Masson debunks 6 common myths in education, sometimes very stubborn, including the one that suggests adapting teaching to learning styles to promote student success.

School perseverance: what neuroscience can teach us

On November 4 and 5, 2015, an international symposium will be held in Quebec City to redefine long-standing paradigms on the prevention of early school leaving.