A remote mentoring platform to support new teachers

The lack of personnel, the abandonment of the profession and the decline in pre-service enrolment are very real and their effects are being heavily felt in the education sector. In response to these issues, a web-based distance support platform now offers services to support the next generation of teachers and facilitate their entry into the profession.

When technology increases the human

Caroline Smith, educational advisor, shares her experience of support in times of pandemic and in the context of the creation of a new mentoring program at the Educational Services of the CSS de Montréal.

What are the support needs of new teachers and how can they be met?

Our columnist Mrs. Prof was interested in the support needs of new teachers. In this column, she offers an overview of these needs, as well as the means that can be put in place to allow effective support.

Academos launches digital campaign showcasing women pursuing careers in science and technology

Academos, a benchmark in virtual mentoring for young people, is launching a digital campaign aimed at fostering the interest of girls and young women in careers in science and technology.

35 Quebec organizations unite for school perseverance

Academos is launching the 5th edition of its Coalition for School Perseverance, concretely involving 35 organizations for the educational success of young Quebecers.

Academos invites high schools in Quebec to participate in its 3rd adult Dose tour competition

Academos is launching today the 3rd edition of its Adult Dose Tour Contest, which will allow ten high schools in Quebec to win a free interactive conference on educational and vocational guidance.

Academos demystifies vocational training for young people with the Breathtaking Careers campaign

Academos launched on October 10 the second edition of the Breathtaking Professions web campaign, the objective of which is to introduce young people to vocational training (VET) professions while connecting them with the world of work.