Objectification: naming and identifying learning to better classify it in memory (Part 2)

Emotional memory and procedural memory are often called upon in the creation of memories. Here is a way to get around this automatism and instead stimulate semantic memory.

Memory and memory formation: when emotions and procedures take over (Part 1)

Memory is not infallible and sometimes it does not record the information that one would like. Discover the role of emotional and procedural memories in information retention.

Opinion: Connect the dropouts

I am sharing a very specific brief with you. I will let you read it first, then I will reveal to you who wrote it, to whom and when it was submitted ...

Memorization, a dying out study strategy?

New online tools are gradually changing our relationship to memory and its usefulness. Is it still relevant to have students memorize content?

Singing in a foreign language significantly promotes learning

According to a study by the University of Edinburgh in Scotland, published in the journal Memory & Cognition, it is proven that singing in another language promotes the learning of the latter. Do your vocalizations!