Netmaths: A young Quebec SME revolutionizes math learning

Montreal, September 19, 2013 - The online math learning program, Netmaths, is getting noticed for the start of the school year with its new exercises ...

Quebec secondary 2 students among the best in mathematics

While we are concerned about the quality of our students' reading skills, young Quebecers perform in mathematics, both at the Canadian and international levels. Indeed, according to the TEIMS 2011 survey, they are only surpassed by 5 of the 63 countries studied and come first in the country.

Building a virtual world in the classroom is serious!

Minecraft, a virtual construction game left in the hands of students in a 6th grade class, gave some surprising results in Pierre Poulin's class last year.

Better at math, worse at science and reading

Quebec secondary school students are the best in the country in mathematics, according to the 2010 Pan-Canadian Assessment Program report, the results of which were released yesterday.

Math: much more concrete with visual tools

World - Everyone who uses technological applications in mathematics agrees that they make completely abstract concepts more concrete, making it easier for students to understand. Nevertheless, it's always interesting to read scientific research reports that prove it!