The TNI: "instrument of intelligibility of a reality" in mathematics and science

Technologies, including TNI, can help students move from the abstract to the concrete in science and mathematics. The thesis “Potential contributions of the interactive digital whiteboard in a problem situation requiring the passage from the abstract to the concrete in a context of mathematics, science and technology” is concerned with it.

UQAM researchers demonstrate the effectiveness of the game Slice Fractions

In particular, they found that it allows Grade 3 students to reach the level of Grade 4 students in understanding fractions after only 3 hours of play!

XtraMath: a free online resource to help elementary school students memorize operating tables

Very popular in the United States, XtraMath adapts to the abilities of each student and provides detailed reports for teachers and parents. A French version of the tool has recently been put online.

Maths, the coolest subject during a competition!

Maths Day 2015 is a competition that allows students to revise concepts adapted to their level, online or on iPad, in an environment closer to the game than to the exercise book, in class or at home. , and which could allow your school to rise to the top of the ranking! (Let's face it, everyone loves to win!)

Call for workshops for the next high school mathematics development session

The improvement session of the Group of Responsible for Secondary Mathematics (GRMS), which brings together teaching staff and educational advisers every year, will take place in Drummondville at the hotel Le Dauphin on October 14 and 15, 2015. It is already the time to offer workshops.

Learn geometry with the Kinect?

Can body movement make math learning easier? A small-scale study focused specifically on learning angles using the Kinect motion sensor camera found it to be.

Exciting workshops at the 58th congress of the Mathematical Association of Quebec

The Mathematical Association of Quebec (AMQ) is a group made up of mathematics enthusiasts. It is mainly composed of mathematicians, university researchers, teachers of all levels as well as students interested in this discipline.

Slice Fractions: A game that helps kids learn fractions

"Slice Fractions" is a learning game (iOs and Android) designed for children who are new to fractions. It is the result of the work of the company Ululab, in collaboration with experts in mathematics and education from the University of Quebec in Montreal (UQÀM).

FEEP partner of the first Quebec Math Day!

The Federation of Private Educational Institutions is a partner of the first Quebec Math Day on March 14. The Federation promotes this event to its members and works with the organizers to seize this opportunity to spread the passion for math to young people.

Maths: the pet peeve of many students soon to be tamed!

On March 14, Quebec will celebrate the very first “Mathematics Day”. On this occasion, an online math competition is organized for young people from the 5th year of elementary school to the 4th year of secondary school.