Class outside and learn while exploring the neighborhood

The Scandinavian concept of "forest schooling" is gaining momentum and more and more followers of the outside class, especially with the current health situation. A simple walk in the neighborhood can be a source of multiple learning in addition to oxygenating the brain. We present you activities to do with the students. (part 1: French and math!)

Casio offers free digital tools to support the study of mathematics during this time of school closures

From April 15 to August 31, 2020, CASIO ClassPad and CASIO fx-CG500 apps for iOS / Android are available free for six months from the date of download.

Supported by Ubisoft, Alloprof launches an application to support math learning

Alloprof launches Raton des conversions, a fun mobile math application for 5th and 6th grade primary school students.

Educational flexibility to promote the success of allophone students in mathematics

In this text, we will draw a portrait of allophone students in mathematics in order to fully understand the difficulties they may encounter and we will suggest means of flexibility to be implemented in the classroom according to the needs observed.

7 resources for teaching geometry

To develop students' skills in problem solving, reasoning and mathematical communication, the teaching of geometry occupies an important place. To promote the engagement of your students, several interactive and digital resources are at your disposal.

No more stress about learning science and math

During the CréaCamp on May 17 in Valcartier, we met one of the event's facilitators, Maude Lamoureux, who talks to us about strategies to reduce anxiety associated with learning math and science.

Who thinks learns: developing independent thinkers

At the last GRMS congress, Jules Bonin-Ducharme was awarded the Richard Pallascio prize for the originality of his article “Qui pens lui- learning! »Appeared in the autumn-winter 2017 edition of Envol magazine, the official publication of the GRMS.

(Discover #Edteq) Netmath: mathematics learning reinvented

The Scolab team is motivated by one desire: to unleash the joy of learning in classrooms. To do this, we must in particular reinvent the learning of mathematics, a challenge that the studio has decided to take up with the creation of the educational resource Netmath.

Creativity in math: opening closed problems for further study

An interview with Simon Lavallée, “netmathematician”, on the occasion of his participation in the CréaCamp in Montreal, on November 17th.

Teachers and students, creators of video content in mathematics

Mr. Alpacca is professor of mathematics at the European School in Varese, Italy. With his students, he creates math videos on YouTube.