OLOfusion relies on technology to consolidate the achievements of young people in mathematics

Communiqué - OLOfusion offers fun and inclusive tools, based on a color code, thus helping as many young people as possible to learn to tell the time.

Teach and assess mathematics differently in high school

A wind of change is blowing through the teaching and evaluation practices of secondary mathematics teachers at the Center de services scolaire de Montréal (CSSDM). Indeed, the constraints linked to the pandemic and the obligation to teach at a distance have given rise to questions and reflections on several subjects, and more specifically on evaluation.

Learn to read and count with Alec

Alec's Odyssey is an edutainment game for learning French and mathematics. Available free for families during spring break.

A mathematical escape game in which you are the hero

Discover a new concept of educational activity imagined and developed by a mathematics teacher which is based on a program used and known to all, PowerPoint, and which combines both the popularity of escape games and that of video games.

(Discover #Edteq) Scientifically proven games… as motivating as commercial games!

Do you know Ululab, the studio that designed the award-winning educational game Slice Fractions? We present to you the fascinating story of this collaboration between university researchers and commercial video game developers!

Maths Day: a competition for the pleasure of doing math

Maths Day is a friendly competition for grades 3 from elementary to secondary 4. Training camp has started!

Ideas for activities to celebrate Pi Number Day (March 14)

It is on March 14 at 1:59 p.m. that we celebrate Pi Number Day! Here are five fun activities to do in class or as a family on this theme.

Online review courses for Alloprof

Over the next year, Alloprof will enhance its service offering to elementary and secondary students, by creating online preparation courses for certain key exams in Quebec's school career.

De Marque: distributor of Edutechno educational resources

De Marque becomes the official distributor of the digital educational resource EduTechno for elementary schools in Quebec.

Let's Talk Science launches Canada 2067 initiative to promote STEM

What do you think is the future of STEM education? What should we focus on? What skills should we aim for? An organization wants your opinion! Let's Talk Science is a ...