Mr. Asshole and the Mad Toad

"Claims" (Mister Asshole & the Mad Toad)

Today, Mr. Connard is in front of his students who ask him to return the marks as before rather than using new evaluation methods ... because their parents are lost and they no longer grant them privileges based on their performance as before! 

"Against the tide" (Monsieur Connard & the crazy toad)

Today, Mr. Connard feels tired of constantly having to justify his desire for innovation in his community. He feels like no matter what he does, we always have a problem with him ...

"Flash Danse" (Monsieur Asshole & the crazy toad)

Mr. Connard and the mad toad had the excellent idea of organizing a "flashmob" with the students of the school. What is that? Wikipedia defines the flashmob as "a public gathering of a group of people to perform a short action (dance, etc.) before they disperse."

“Like in butter! »(Mister Asshole & the crazy toad)

The BYOD (“Bring Your Own Device”) or AVAN (“Bring Your Own Device”) approach could help solve digital equipment issues in schools. At least, that's what several teachers believe, including Mr. Connard. Despite everything, the idea is not unanimous ... 

"Professional ethics" (Monsieur Connard & the crazy toad)

The use of smart phones at school is in the spotlight these days ... Now, Monsieur Connard is putting his two cents in! (Caricature)

“Evaluation is evaluation! "(Monsieur Connard and the mad toad)

Evaluation without or with digital ... seen by Monsieur Connard and the crazy toad. And you, how is it going?

Monsieur Connard takes over the École branchée with his humor

Monsieur Connard himself seizes the École branchée! He will offer us to laugh with him thanks to his cartoons on the (not always easy ...) integration of digital at school!

"Monsieur Connard": the self-mockery of a teacher in the face of his colleagues' non-verbal comments

Marc-André Girard recounts his meeting with a teacher with a thousand projects, who gave himself a revealing nickname: Monsieur Connard.