Facial recognition: more risks than benefits?

Paradox in the digital world: San Francisco, a temple of technological innovation, became the first American city to ban the use of facial recognition tools by the police and other local government agencies. It is because several concerns have been raised regarding the protection of privacy and respect for civil liberties. In addition, according to several groups, the risks associated with this technology are too great in relation to the benefits that could be derived from it. A look at a technology with major ethical implications.

Some observations on Finnish school culture

After two days of meeting education professionals, our collaborator Marc-André Girard presents his vision of things in connection with Finnish school culture.

A new comic book of the adventures of Asterix has just been released!

Yesterday, the world launch of Asterix's new album, Le papyrus de César, took place. This is the 36th album featuring the famous Gaul.

Media censorship in Turkmenistan thwarted by the internet

On April 28, the President of Turkmenistan won a race and then fell from his horse. He subsequently banned the dissemination of this information in the country. However, the images have traveled the world. A case of press censorship to analyze ...