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Some tips for judging the security of educational platforms

Since the establishment of the Government Cyber Defence Centre of the Government of Quebec, new policies and directives have been developed and disseminated within the province's ministries and agencies, particularly in relation to the protection of personal information and data hosting. These policies and directives also apply to the education network and should be better known.

6 tips for choosing digital tools that protect users' personal information

How to choose learning or sharing tools that adequately protect personal information? The Commission d'accès à l'information du Québec has produced a checklist for educational institutions. We present it here.

Information security training for everyone

Cybersecurity (or information security) has different dimensions. In order to better equip Quebec's public service personnel, including those in the education network, the Quebec government has mandated Laval University's Digital Transformation Academy (DTA) to develop information security training accessible to all.

4 key elements to plan effective techno-pedagogical training

After a forced adjustment for teachers in the use of digital tools during the pandemic at Covid-19, the return to the classroom for 21-22 has come in different ways for many in terms of digital. More than ever, it will be important for schools to maximize digital teacher trainings to counteract the growing digital divide in education.

Become aware of your digital footprint (and go into solution mode)

There is no longer any doubt that various environmental impacts are observed in connection with digital uses. Don't fall into eco-anxiety right away! It is possible to become aware of our behaviors in order to adapt them and limit their impacts.

Nominations for the Youth Digital Literacy Award

Press Release - Digital Spring invites schools, institutions, organizations and businesses to submit their applications for the 3rd edition of the Digital Literacy Recognition Award. The deadline for entries is September 25.

A look at today's school... to better transform it tomorrow

Actors from the education sector (primary, secondary, college, First Nations) took a look at the current school system during a panel discussion organized as part of the event L'audace des possibles - A day for a learning Quebec. We attended the exchange.

What budgetary rules for digital integration in schools?

We took a look at the most recent version of the Quebec Ministry of Education's budget rules to identify measures that could facilitate digital projects in Quebec schools. Here is our summary.

Ethical issues related to the use of digital technology for evaluation

Some ethical issues arise when it comes to assessment using digital tools in education. The topic recently made headlines when students were allowed to use the Usito dictionary on the Secondary 5 writing exam. "What if we started by deconstructing the concept of assessment?" is the question a group of researchers is asking. They recently discussed it at the Acfas conference.

A day of reflection on the democratization of digital education

Digital inequalities and the importance of digital equity were at the heart of discussions at the second public session of the Consensus Conference on the Use of Digital Education. Organized by CTREQ, this day allowed education experts and practitioners to continue the discussions started in February during the first session. Here is our report.