(Alert) creative lab

The creative laboratory explained in infographics

The Laboratoire de formation sur la littératie numérique de l'Université du Québec à Chicoutimi (UQAC) and the New Brunswick organization Labos Créatifs have produced a series of infographics to support the creation of new creative laboratories (CL) in schools. They present different concepts, including the role of each of the actors involved in setting up such a space (e.g. teacher, learner, principal).

The creative laboratory at school: beyond the equipment

The expression “creative laboratory” is probably familiar to you, but can you describe what it is? In this file, we offer you an overview of the world of creative laboratories in schools. What exactly is it, why, and how do you provide your school or classroom with such a creative and collaborative environment? 

From the creative laboratory to sustainable development

With a creative laboratory, it is possible for teachers to bring their young people to reflect on the objectives of sustainable development. We spoke with two New Brunswick teachers who offer very concrete projects in this direction to their students.

Support for the deployment of creative laboratories in schools in the Maritimes and collaboration with Quebec

Since the mid-2010s, elementary and secondary school teachers in the Maritime provinces have been able to count on Brilliant Labs / Labos Créatives to support them in their creative projects with their students. We recently had the opportunity to speak with Natacha Vautour, coordinator of Francophone projects for the organization.

Creative laboratories in Quebec schools: inventory and questions

Although the deployment of creative laboratories was started in Quebec schools before the pandemic and several advantages have been identified for the development of skills among students, the authors of a recent report raise some questions about the future of the deployment of these workshops. Manufacturing.

Fablab Onaki opens up a world of possibilities for indigenous youth

Thanks to the FabLab Onaki, set up by the First Peoples Innovation Center (CIPP) in 2018, young Indigenous people who have dropped out of the school system can learn about technologies and discover new horizons. At the same time, they gain confidence in themselves and in their learning potential.

"Mini-techs" participate in the establishment of learning hubs at the CSS de Montréal

On December 15, a very special virtual gala took place. It was an opportunity to recognize the work of some 50 “mini-techs”, young digital experts, who act as peer helpers in their schools. This event came to close the first stage of a collaborative project between the Montreal School Service Center (CSSDM), the Network School (EER) and Grandir sans frontières.

Create your school with Minecraft

Students from the Laval School Service Center recreated their school with Minecraft, as part of a competition set up by the pedagogical team. The project allowed students to discover a new digital tool, in addition to increasing their sense of belonging to their school.

Secondary 3 students recreate monuments in 3D

The third secondary students of Annie Lévesque and Keven Poulin, from Collège Sainte-Anne, took part in a 3D modeling project this year. The two teachers tell us about the course of the learning activity.

A creative laboratory that comes to life thanks to plants (and that smells good!)

Developing the creative spirit of science students by transforming plants is quite possible. We present to you a project experienced at Collège Sainte-Anne.