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Nature makes strong children, send them outside to play!

Studies confirm that "the natural environment plays a beneficial role in academic performance, since exposure to a green environment would have a positive effect on various issues such as lack of motivation and concentration".

Four conditions for offering distance learning ... even in the classroom

Some institutions are considering offering mixed formulas, that is to say face-to-face, hybrid, distance or all these modes at the same time. But beware, four fundamental pillars are necessary for this type of approach to be a success for students and teachers.

Introducing a successful reward system

Jean-François Sénéchal is a lecturer at Laval University. He is also a father of teenagers and an occasional video game player. It presents a system of trophies, badges and rewards inspired by the world of video games. We present you the main features.

A mixed success for distance education and avenues for the future

After more than a year, researchers find that the quality of online training is still uneven. While there are many challenges to making distance learning more engaging, solutions do exist.

What if students simply cheat because they lack motivation?

Researchers have studied the correlation between students' motivation, what drives them to succeed, and their propensity to cheat. Their observation is clear: motivation is much more effective against cheating than any other means of surveillance.

Les #Édubrèves - week of May 23, 2021

In this delivery of #Édubrèves: a webinar on co-modal education presented by the Ministry of Education, young girls awarded for their techno projects, indoor gardens and the promotion of outdoor education. There are also a few more surprises!