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Split screen: demystifying the world of video games

Founded by young Montreal entrepreneur Marc Shakour, Shared Screen is a bilingual online video game guide that aims to help parents (and educators) better understand the world of video games while guiding their children's and young people's play.

Introducing a successful reward system

Jean-François Sénéchal is a lecturer at Laval University. He is also a father of teenagers and an occasional video game player. It presents a system of trophies, badges and rewards inspired by the world of video games. We present you the main features.

8 lessons learned from video games to increase motivation and engagement

How is it that the same student can be motivated to persevere when he fails in a video game when a setback in class causes him to give up? What can the progress of the last decade in the field of video games teach us as an educator? Our collaborator presents 8 tips to gamify your teaching.

Make learning fun AND effective by drawing inspiration from video games

We spoke with a video game designer and a neuropsychologist about how motivational elements of video games can be used to support student engagement.

When eSports invite themselves to the big table

The day when we will see electronic sports landed at the Olympic Games may not be that far away ... An educational guide on a global trend that fascinates millions of young people: eSport. You don't want to miss this!

Celebration of school perseverance at the Festival Éducation du futur

Today is the end of the Education of the Future Festival, an event to mark the 10th anniversary of the Fusion Jeunesse organization, whose mission is to contribute to academic perseverance, employability and commitment. civics of young people.

The power of video games: an ally to consider

As part of REFER 2018, Carl Deveau, Director of Partnerships at Classcraft, presented in a workshop the reasons why video games are so popular with young people.

Combine fun and education with a video game design camp

Alexandra Savard-Wilhelmy is the director of the Bois-de-Boulogne Day Camps in Montreal, which has been offering, since 2015, a 3D animation camp for teenagers aged 11 to 15.

Using digital games to promote learning: mission possible!

This file offers avenues for reflection and advice for teachers who would like to effectively integrate digital games into their teaching.

11 surprising effects of video games on the brain

The team of the games site has produced an infographic that highlights the findings of certain international studies on the effect of video games on the brain. Will you be playing this summer?