serious games

The seigneurial regime in the digital age

Last fall, Sophy James, a Secondary 3 teacher in Quebec and Canadian history at La Seigneurie school in Quebec City, decided to experiment with a new project with her students. This is how a lordship came to life in the playful world of Minecraft.

Play to learn: From gamification to gamification

In this dossier, we offer you an overview of the world of gamification / gamification and we explain why this practice is accessible to all teachers. Hey no, no need to thoroughly review your teaching practices to bring a playful touch to your class!

Make learning fun AND effective by drawing inspiration from video games

We spoke with a video game designer and a neuropsychologist about how motivational elements of video games can be used to support student engagement.

The 11th edition of the international Serious Play conference at UQAM from July 10 to 12, 2019

The Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM) will host the 11th edition of the international Serious Play conference, which is being held for the first time in Canada. The event will bring together various experts in the field of serious games and gamification, or the use of games for learning situations.

For the love of the game: roundtable on gamification

During REFER 2019, the opening panel allowed experts to share the game's success factors: the narrative, collaboration, game culture, objectification and progression.

Ludomyths: 10 Misconceptions About Play And Learning

The kickoff of REFER 2019 was given by the opening conference of Margarida Romero and Éric Sanchez entitled The Ludomyths: 10 misconceptions about play and learning.

The Rendez-vous RÉCIT: serious games in a social universe

Ensuring the animation, Steve Quirion and Alexandre Lanoix from RÉCIT en univers social set the table for a 90-minute highly relevant webinar on the use of serious games in the context of elementary and secondary education.

Using digital games to promote learning: mission possible!

This file offers avenues for reflection and advice for teachers who would like to effectively integrate digital games into their teaching.

Adding a real portion to virtual games: a winning educational combination

A recent American study shows that video games created for learning purposes reach their optimal educational potential when they include a portion that takes place in the “real”, and not only in the “virtual”.

How to improve educational games?

For several years, educational games have been on the rise. More and more studies are looking at their potential. If we could improve certain facets of these games, which ones should we focus on? A recent study points to an avenue for the evaluation and monitoring of learning.