Education and citizenship at the heart of Quebec's new Youth Action Plan

The Quebec government recently launched its 2021-2024 Youth Action Plan. This reflects the priorities expressed by young people aged 15 to 29, gathered in recent months during a consultation. Education and citizenship find prominent places there.

50 years after May 68

The May 68 movement is still being talked about more than 50 years after its conclusion. But what exactly is this movement? What was his goal? What are these greatest achievements? Was it an isolated movement?

Launch of the Sors de ta bubble mobilization campaign web platform

With the Sors de ta bubble campaign, the Monique Fitz-Back Foundation aims to mobilize high school youth in the fight against climate change.

A consultation project for community partners, schools and young people in Quebec

My Voice Matters! is an initiative of the RCJEQ to involve young people in Quebec in concrete recommendations that bring them together and bring them together.

The short ladder is back!

Good news for children's literature, the activities of the publishing house "the short scale" will resume their normal course over the next few weeks.