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Detective on a mission: an educational video game on children's rights

On the occasion of its 25th anniversary, the International Bureau for Children's Rights has embarked on an innovative project: the creation of a video game to educate girls and boys in Canada and elsewhere on their universal and fundamental rights. .

An educational game on contemporary photography

MOMENTA | Biennale de l'image is pleased to announce the launch of its first educational video game for children aged 9 to 12, entitled La Galerie des mystères, born from the collaboration with Dpt., An interactive creation studio.

Reinvent the history class with the Discovery Tour in the game Assassin's Creed

This week marked the launch by Ubisoft of a new version of the AAA Assassin's Creed game called the Discovery Tour. An educational module that offers an immersive reconstruction of ancient Egypt.

Video games as a source of motivation in special education

Students aged 12 to 14 in special education had the chance to participate last year in an introductory video game design project.

LÜ reinvents physical activity with video games

SAGA presents LÜ, a new interactive play area with the ambition of revolutionizing physical activity by combining it with a natural ally for young people: video games.

Ubisoft launches Codex, an educational video game project in schools

On November 12, video game giant Ubisoft announced the creation of Codex. Intended for schools, this program aims to promote the use of video games and the learning of code in schools, for several purposes.

Does playing video games develop better visual learning ability?

Video game enthusiasts would learn more quickly through visual activities than those who made less use of it. This is the main conclusion reached by a recent study conducted by American researchers.

An expert answers 5 questions about the use of video games in the classroom

Do Video Games Improve Learning? Are they beneficial for the social capital of the students? Where to start to use them? What challenges can we expect? What can we say to skeptical parents about their use in an educational context? A specialist answers these 5 questions.

Study Says Features of Action Video Games May Improve Learning

The fast pace of this kind of playful environment, which would require sustained attention and simultaneous focus on several tasks, is one of the factors that would explain this phenomenon.

Professional video game player: an electrifying career!

Next February, the annual “Girls and science, an electrifying duo!” Event will take place. », Aimed at helping girls in Secondary 2 and 3 discover scientific careers. Participants will be able to learn about video games thanks to Stéphanie Harvey, 26, four-time world champion and designer at Ubisoft.