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Launch of the educational game FUTURAVILLE: Together against violence!

Quebec - A new violence prevention tool for young people aged 9 to 12 is now available on the web ...

COVID-19: CoronaQuest, the experience of a video game to support the return to school

Teaching students the barrier gestures, but also giving them a little smile in a complicated start to school, this is the goal of CoronaQuest, a free serious game produced on an initiative of the public education service of the Canton of Vaud, Switzerland. . Free and offered in 10 languages, it allows you to address and reinforce health aspects, but also simply to talk about the different emotions felt by young people in class and in the family.

Instagram: gateway to museums

Museums have found a new winger despite themselves: Instagram. The proliferation of self-portraits featuring works of art allows museums to reach a new clientele. Zoom on a phenomenon in full expansion.

CIRTA conference: practitioners and researchers gathered around digital technology

On October 11 and 12, practitioners and researchers gather at Laval University. We will deal with the contribution of digital technology and serious games in education.

Autism: a promising video game for rapid screening

Finding autism spectrum disorder in children could become easier thanks to a serious tablet game validated by research.

"Click if you agree", a game to understand the issues of privacy on the Internet

MediaSmarts, Canada's center for media literacy and digital literacy, is launching a new game that aims to help kids ages 12 to 14 make informed decisions while online. Called Click If You Agree, the game teaches them the skills they need to read and understand legal policies on websites and in the software they use.

A video game to treat ADHD? Maybe soon possible!

Researchers have developed a video game that specifically aims to develop and train the skill of concentration and the ability to handle multiple tasks simultaneously. The first clinical trials show very promising results!

Minecraft Education Edition: a new version planned for this summer

After acquiring Minecraft in 2014, Microsoft is also getting its hands on MinecraftEdu, the educational edition of the famous game. The computer giant also confirms that it will continue to develop the educational side of the game by improving this editing.

Economic education and serious play: a duo that goes hand in hand

Economic education has not been systematically taught in secondary school for several years in Quebec. Given the growing interest in the gamification of learning and the importance given by the training program to transversal skills and interdisciplinarity, the use of a serious game could however improve the situation.

NASA Developing Virtual Game To Engage Teens In STEM

Well known for its activities related to space exploration, NASA recently developed a virtual game to spark teenage interest in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).