First steps with the iPad: the essentials (Rediffusion)

Discover the main features of your iPad tablet to support you in your teaching. From the outset, the tool makes it possible to meet several needs: so what knowledge could be useful to you?

Enriching the traditional practice of plastic arts with digital technology

Today we are discussing the added value of the tactile tablet in the teaching of visual arts with David Cohen, digital mediator at the Canopé creation and educational support network (France).

The COLLABORATIVE PROJECT channel offers 22 help capsules for the iPad tablet

As part of the Digital Action Plan in Education and Higher Education, several schools have acquired iPad tablets. In order to promote the appropriation of the pedagogical potential of this tool by teachers, a collaborative project to design pedagogical capsules has been set up.

Apple invites you to a teacher conference on creativity and programming

In order to support teachers who aim to reach the goals of the Digital Action Plan, Apple is offering a conference that will provide you with basic skills to get the most from iPad.

DOSSIER: Implanting the iPad in the secondary in "1 to 1" mode

This dossier shares the experience of the massive implementation of the iPad in a secondary school. It highlights both the tools and the people who made it a positive experience. The avenues for reflection will adapt to all brands of tablets, and even to other types of mobile devices.

Learning while having fun: the experience of Kathleen Morneau

At the Académie St-Louis, the iPad occupies an important place in everyday life. Kathleen Morneau tells us about her classroom experience with the game Minecraft.

Stimulating ideas, creating sparks: the iPad at the service of creativity

Feedback on the Bootcamp Creativity workshop (presented at AQUOPS) aiming to create, collaborate, solve problems and meet different challenges with the iPad.

One student, one iPad free of charge for the École de Saint-Marcel

The Saint-Marcel elementary school, near Saint-Pamphile in the Côte-du-Sud school board, is about to make a technological shift.

Correct with your iPad

Frédéric Dulac, teacher at Cégep de Granby, offers a new way to correct student work, using an iPad.

The iPad at Le Sommet school: a very positive result

Since September 2014, Secondary 1 students at Le Sommet public school in Quebec City have all been using a tablet as a work tool. Researchers draw up a very positive assessment of the first year of the experiment, including a student satisfaction rate of 97 %.