Official launch of the Jasmin Roy Foundation's help kit against bullying in schools

The Jasmin Roy Foundation presents a brand new aid kit for schools to help prevent and reduce violence and bullying. Intended for anyone working in a school environment, this 2-part set presents a process for developing and implementing an action plan that is easy to carry out.

Cavelier-De LaSalle school rewarded for its initiatives in the fight against homophobia

The Jasmin Roy Foundation, in partnership with the TD Bank, awards the Purple Ribbon prize for the fight against homophobia to Cavelier-De LaSalle high school. The prize is intended to be recognition of all of his achievements and his interventions to counter homophobia.

April 25 and 26 - Act against homophobia and bullying in Boucherville

The national tables for the fight against homophobia in the school network and the college network are joining forces to hold the 2nd conference, Act against homophobia and intimidation, on the theme "My environment welcomes diversity".

School project on bullying snowballs on social media

Odile Désaulnier is a Secondary 5 student from the Quebec City region. As part of a school project, she put all her heart and talent into making a video to denounce bullying in schools, using the stop motion technique. Thanks to social media, his message is heard.

From victim to bully

In third grade, Simon (not her real name) changed schools. New kid, he suffered various mockeries. In fifth year, He couldn't take it anymore. “I felt sad, rejected. I was always the last to be chosen in a team, ”he says. He began to isolate himself abnormally and react violently. This is what prompted his mother and the school administration to question him in order to understand what was going on and give him tips to assert himself. The school also intervened with the bullies. In September, Simon's attackers entered high school. Her mother believed the bad days were behind them. Mistake. Simon began to intimidate others.

The fight against homophobia at school

As part of the International Day Against Homophobia, last week, a secondary school was awarded and a new educational tool was launched.

Don't touch my teacher

In 2010, a survey carried out by the Autonomous Federation of Education (FAE) indicated that 85 % teachers claimed to be victims of psychological or verbal violence. Half claimed to have been the victim of physical violence. The FAE, which brings together nine education unions, yesterday launched a centralized register to document cases of violence at school.

From victim to superhero against bullying

Last April, young Maxime Collard, 12, and his mother, Isabelle Marchand, organized a big march in Sorel-Tracy in order to denounce bullying at school. Today, they will both receive the Paul Gérin-Lajoie Tolerance Prize, awarded by the Tolerance Foundation.