educational intention

Strategies and tools to rethink your evaluation

Going from theory to practice to rethink evaluation… it may seem difficult. Laurie Couture, pedagogical advisor at École branchée, offers a strategy to help teachers review their ways of evaluating.

Easy or difficult? The possible consequences of the choice of words

Many teachers accompany their instructions with words that are intended to encourage the students. How many times have you wanted to encourage your students by telling them that the task was easy? Or difficult, but that they can do it? Probably often. But is it helping? Our collaborator asked herself the question.

Bloom's taxonomy and distance assessment

How can instructional intent help you assess students, both in class and at a distance? Here is a strategy to adopt which is based on Bloom's taxonomy.

Learning with digital

We discuss educational innovations, learning and technologies with André Tricot, professor of psychology at the ESPE in Toulouse and opening speaker at the last Digital Summit in education.