When technology increases the human

Caroline Smith, educational advisor, shares her experience of support in times of pandemic and in the context of the creation of a new mentoring program at the Educational Services of the CSS de Montréal.

What are the support needs of new teachers and how can they be met?

Our columnist Mrs. Prof was interested in the support needs of new teachers. In this column, she offers an overview of these needs, as well as the means that can be put in place to allow effective support.

Racial tensions in America

On November 16, the International Day of Tolerance took place, almost at the same time, some communities in Canada and the United States are victims of hateful acts, whether because of their religious affiliation or their ethnic origin.

Webdocumentary: promoting the success of students with an immigrant background

At the origin of this webdocumentary, a Hebrew proverb that says: "We only give our children two things, roots and wings".

5 tips to avoid frustrations in the educational integration of technology

Adopting technology in education is easier said than done! With good planning, however, it is possible to decrease frustration and encourage adoption. Here are five tips to achieve this.

2 reasons that could make your technological integration fail

What do you think are these reasons? Despite all the goodwill in the world, integrating ICT into schools requires meeting financial, technical, human and educational challenges. Are you ready (or were you)?

The SAMR model: a reference for the pedagogical integration of ICT in the classroom

The SAMR model, developed by Ruben Puentedura, is a very important theoretical reference for educators who wish to reflect on the effective and truly pedagogical integration of technologies in the classroom. Here is a summary.

How is your integration of ICT going? 2 models to discover

Professional competence 8 asks Quebec teachers "to integrate ICT for the purposes of preparing and piloting teaching-learning activities, teaching management and professional development". By the way, where are you at? Here are two integration models to discover.