MediaSmarts launches comprehensive digital literacy framework for Canadian schools

The Use, Understand and Create: A Digital Literacy Framework for Canadian Schools (Kindergarten to Grade 8) is a cross-cutting program designed to support teachers by providing them with a wide range of tools to equip students with the knowledge that they need for the digital age.

On Launch of Media Literacy Week, Celebrate Positive Uses of Social Media by Young Canadians

MediaSmarts and the Canadian Teachers' Federation, in collaboration with Facebook Canada, will launch the 9th Media Literacy Week on November 3 in Toronto. The launch will feature young speakers participating in amazing projects on social platforms.

Discuss media coverage of sensitive events with young people

With the events of today in Canada's capital, parents and teachers may have to discuss sensitive issues with young people. The HabiloMédias organization offers avenues in this direction.

The digital generation less expert with the computer than you think

How many parents turn to their kids when they have a computer problem, as if this generation instinctively possessed computer science? Yet this is what characterizes the experience of our young people with the computer: it is often based more on instinct than on solid knowledge.

Young Canadians and Online Privacy

As part of the online Privacy Policy, online promotion survey, conducted among 5,400 students by the Habilomédias organization, we examined the strategies used by young people to control the image of them that emerges from their online presence. , as well as the means used to protect their personal information.

A great portrait of young Canadians and digital media

In 2013, the Habilomedias organization conducted a large survey of 5,436 Canadian students in grades 4 to 11 to measure the importance of networked technologies in their lives.